Course Catylist Program (CCP)

The Course Catylist Program (CCP) is a unique and exciting opportunity available only to TotalTraining instructors! 

This exclusive service is designed to enhance reach, conversion, and sales for your courses through “Bundles”, without any extra effort on your part. What’s a “Bundle”? Our team of curation experts package multiple courses together as “Bundles”, and promote them to students worldwide as themed offers. Bundles are the easiest and fastest way to gain more exposure across the TotalTraining network, and ultimately increase sales!

By participating in CCP, you allow our curation team to package your course(s) with others, and enjoy the benefits of an additional revenue stream. View the most common Bundle types below:

You’ll earn a portion of the funds collected from customers for each Bundle that includes your course(s). Revenue share is typically split relative to the number of courses or hours of content contributed to the Bundle. For more details on revenue share for CCP see our instructor terms of service.