There are two versions of Office 2016 - one that is a one time purchase for desktop, and the other is subscription-based through Office 365. Most of our Office 2016 courses are presented using the Office 365 version of the software.

When you have the Office 365 subscription, you get all the latest features and enhancements to the applications. So, if you have the one-time purchase desktop version of Office 2016, there may be some features shown in our training that are not available to you, unfortunately, because they were introduced after the desktop version was released. 

If you do have the subscription-based version, then you should log into your Office 365 account & with an Office product open, go to Help>Check for Updates. Other Office forum info suggests logging into your 365 account at & choosing to re-install Office.

The differences between the desktop & subscription versions are explained here:

One last option for the customer is to try the free online version of Office 2016. It is to our understanding that most of the Office 365-only features are available when using the Office Online versions.