Resellers may request a custom branded portal with their own website URL that can be used to generate a branded store with your logo. We call this a vanity url


  • A custom branded portal will place a logo in the top left-hand side of your site as well as a logo on the home page. 
  • This will remove the Platform Purple and Total Training branding from the site. 


DNS Records 

  • Create an “CNAME” record for the subdomain “digital” or "shop" and point it to this to:
  • (NOTE: Make sure you are creating an “CNAME” record for the subdomain “digital” and NOT your main domain, as that will take your website offline!) If you are not certain on how to do this step we'll provide you technical support to ensure that this is done correctly without impacting your main website. 
  • (the final dot is required, some DNS services (such as GoDaddy's) don't let you add the final dot, they add it themselves, which is fine)

  • It can take up to 24 hours for this new DNS record to become active. 
  • Please notify us by opening a support ticket so that we can validate your record.
  • Once it is active, we can configure your store on our servers.