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Total Training Launchpad

The Total Training Launchpad is a full-featured application that lets you sort, search, and manage your library on Windows, Mac, iOS or Android devices.

As a current subscriber, your Total Training account information has already been securely transitioned to Platform Purple.

Your first step will be to reset your password.
Please click on the following link ( This link will ask for your email address and send you an email to reset your password.

Once you reset your password, download the Launchpad you need and Install.

Once you have signed in and opened the launchpad, click “Add to library” to choose the content you want to watch locally. You do this by searching for the programs you like, then clicking the “add to device” button in the web browser. Once you return to the launchpad, access the little gear in the upper right corner and choose “refresh library” to see your local titles. Click on a title and choose a menu item to proceed.

Laptop and Desktop Computers

Have a Macintosh OS X or Windows laptop or desktop computer?

Download the free desktop purple:player app and enjoy perfect video playback even if your connection is slow or intermittent, or you’re offline completely.



Download the Windows desktop -

Mobile Devices

Want to enjoy your library on your iOS or Android device, anytime, anywhere, in perfect quality whether you’re online or not?

Download the free player app for iOS or Android and have instant access to your entire media library via streaming, or copy over downloaded media from your computer and enjoy perfect video playback, anytime, anywhere, online or offline.



NOTE: Platform:Purple uses email addresses instead of user names for account login. When prompted, please enter the email address that you used to register your Total Training account, to access your library in the new player.