Adobe CS2 now offers new features and techniques.

What’s new in Photoshop CS2? Learn how to select, align, and group multiple layers directly using Multiple Layer Select and Grouping; experience new levels of flexibility and quality using Smart Objects; and, utilize the new tool – Vanishing Point – to maintain proper perspective when you clone, brush, and paint.

What’s new in InDesign CS2? Learn how to control the visibility of layers placed in Photoshop, Illustrator, and PDF files; save text and graphics attributes as object styles, & apply styles to objects and text; and, automatically map the styles of Microsoft Word files to selected styles in your InDesign documents.

What’s new in Illustrator CS2? Learn how to trace bitmaps into precisely detailed vector graphics with Live Trace; apply color to artwork faster and easier with new Live Paint; and, save titled Illustrator art boards to multiple pages Adobe PDF files.

Adobe Creative Suite 2 also introduces the Adobe Bridge, a cross-suite file browser that allows easy access to a wide variety of design files and synchronize you color settings to match all file components.

Plus, every CS2 Training video includes free bonus content to enhance your projects. Bonus content includes royalty free images, fonts, and additional lessons filled with additional tips and techniques.