We are sorry to report a thorn in our paw: our older DVD products (CS5 and older) are experiencing issues with Apple’s OS. We are working hard to resolve the issues, as detailed below.

DVD Customers

Our DVD-player code base contains legacy PowerPC code which is not supported by Apple’s new OS. We are investigating solutions and will implement them as soon as we can.

In the meanwhile, the only workarounds we can suggest are similar to suggestions you may have read on other sites:

If it isn’t too late, consider installing Lion on a separate partition on your Mac so you can keep a functioning version of Snow Leopard available to run legacy applications such as Total Training.

If you own any Virtual Machine software such as Parallels for the Mac, you can run our training in any version of Windows or Mac OS through Snow Leopard within Parallels, and run it simultaneously with Lion on your machine.

If you have a separate machine available you can run the training on the second workstation.

Please accept our apologies for this frustrating situation, and thanks for your patience as we work to resolve the issues.


Total Training

Should you encounter additional issues, please contact our Technical Support team at techsupport@totaltraining.com

Note: All CS6 DVDs are Lion and Mountain Lion Compatible